Saturday, July 16, 2011

My 7 Year Old Artist

I have to share this with you all, because I think that all the artsy things my children make are priceless.  There are so many nights that I come home from work and I go into my craft studio to create and I do feel that I'm missing out on my little ones, but they always seem to come in my room to join me at some point while I'm working on a project.

My youngest is my little crafter and she loves to join me and she even has her own little area where she does her own little stuff.  So, today she made something that she wanted me to post on my blog, because she knows that is what I do after I complete a project.  Anyway, here is my little one's artwork.  It just a reminder that they are only little for a small period of time and we must enjoy every second we have with them.

She drew this picture, because she wanted to replace the one she drew for me when she was 4.
This picture is suppose to be me.  She drew me today while I was cleaning my work station.

She made this one for me when she was 4 years old and I always keep it right by my work area.

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