Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Win a FREE Flower Spray

Just how do you win a FREE flower spray.  Well that answer is simple!  Each time you follow one of the steps below your name gets entered into a drawing.  The more of these you do the more chances you have to winning and the winner can email me a picture of what they did with the flower spray. which will be posted on my blog.

Here's how it works:
  1. Sign up to follow me
  2. Refer a friend (please tell me who did you refer)
  3. Post a comment
  4. Sign up for a class
Note:  It may or may not be this flower spray, but whatever it may be it will be aMaiZing!!!
The lucky winner will be notified in two weeks (8/10/11).  I also ask that you send me a picture of what you used the flower spray on as part of winning. 

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Paper Flower Madness

It was paper flower madness day at casa de Larsen.  I worked on these today and it was pretty fun to figure out new ways to making them.  Seems like everytime I start to make a flower I come up with a better way to making them.  Anyway, here they are and I hope you enjoy them.
Just remember to think about the Flower Club or the FREEBIE options and be sure to let me know which would you prefer.

Concord Grapevine Flower Spray.  These are just amazing and would look lovely in any craft project.  Hmmmm should this be a FREE Give Away?????  What would you do with these?

If you were to get these for FREE what would you do with them?  Should this be the FREE Give Away????  I would like to hear what you would do with these. 
Register, tell me what you think and do with these. 

Flower Club Ideas Or Free Flowers

I have been working on flowers all day and as I was working on making several flowers, a bolt of lightening hit me.  Well not really, but there was lightening in our area, however, a light click in my brains.  What if I were to create a FLOWER CLUB to get my flowers out to others that would enjoy using them in their projects.  Or what if I selected 5 CREATIVE LADIES each month and mailed them FREE samples of my flowers.  However, they would have to be registered to my blog and email me their finished projects so that I could share it with others.

Anyway, as my followers and those that are viewing my blog, what do you think?  Give me your opinion.  Leave me your comments and I will make my final decision by the end of the month.
If I do the flower club their will be a monthly club fee, but you get different flowers each month.  If I do the Freebie I will only send to those that have blogs and register to follow me.  I want to hear from you!  So, what do you think?

Recycled JEANS!

If you are thinking about throwing away your kids jeans because they are all torn and worn out, maybe you should think about recycling them into something you can use in your craft projects.  Here is something that I work on using my daughter's torn jeans.

It can be used as a accented embellishment on any craft project, as a hair clip, an accent piece on your clothing.

Gardenia Melon Blast Spray

I just love the way this flower spray turned out, it's pretty and it can be used on just about any of your crafting projects.  It's all handmade using Stampin Up Whisper White, Melon Mambo, and Old Olive cardstock and to accent the center of the Gardenia I painted the inside with smooch glimmer mix that I blended in with my blender pen.

This piece will be listed on my Etsy store for Sale and it's about 4x9" from one end of the leat to the other end of the feather. 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

My 7 Year Old Artist

I have to share this with you all, because I think that all the artsy things my children make are priceless.  There are so many nights that I come home from work and I go into my craft studio to create and I do feel that I'm missing out on my little ones, but they always seem to come in my room to join me at some point while I'm working on a project.

My youngest is my little crafter and she loves to join me and she even has her own little area where she does her own little stuff.  So, today she made something that she wanted me to post on my blog, because she knows that is what I do after I complete a project.  Anyway, here is my little one's artwork.  It just a reminder that they are only little for a small period of time and we must enjoy every second we have with them.

She drew this picture, because she wanted to replace the one she drew for me when she was 4.
This picture is suppose to be me.  She drew me today while I was cleaning my work station.

She made this one for me when she was 4 years old and I always keep it right by my work area.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Lily Flower Spray

Handmade Melon Saffron Lily Spray.  Each and every piece is hand sculpted by me.  The lily petals were sprayed with smooch glitter mist spray and then individually sculpted into shape.  This beautiful spray will make any craft project a delight.

I will be demonstrating this technique tomorrow at the Rock Springs Library, so if you are nearby stop by the Scrap N Pretty Crop from 12-5pm. 

This particular spray will be sold in my Etsy store, so be sure to stop by there once I have completed uploading things onto my shop.

I'm still working on deciding what stamp sets to sell, so bare with me while I try sorting through the massive amount of stamps etc... that I have.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Flower Class Kit

For those that want to learn how to make paper flowers here is the perfect opportunity for me to teach you.  The way I have decided is to break it into two classes.  The first class will be showing you how to use your tools, inks, and creating one simple flower that will be used in the spray.  The next class will be to create the entire spray below:

The ustream class will be setup so that you can follow me as I show you the tools that I use and the techniques to sculp and shape the flowers. 

Now Here are the two Kits I have decided on:

Kit 1 with tools (no punches or dies).....$39.95
Kit 2 no tools (no punches or dies)....$25.00

I will punch out the flowers and leaves for each kit, which are included in both of the prices mentioned above.  I will also list the punches and cricut cartridges that I used to create this spray.

So, both kits will include flowers, leaves, stamens, feathers, and beads to create this wonderful flower spray.  What you need that won't be included is the ink and glue.  We will only be making the flower spray the box is not included.

The class will be private and will be setup to be only viewed by those that pay for the class.  The class will be scheduled for Saturday, August 6 & Saturday, August 13, 2011. 
The class will be begin at 12pm Mountain Time.  I will not put a end time, because I want to walk you through each step until you get it right. 

The class must be PrePaid using my PayPal Account: or certified check or money order.  If you decide that you want Kit 1 please do so, before July 23rd, because I have to order the tools.

If you are interested in this class, please email me at

With the exception of the stamens, feathers, and beads it is all handmade. 

Friday, July 8, 2011

Mystery Tin & Album Kit Class

The Mystery Tin & Album Class Kit

Will be available soon!  I will be calculating the cost and posting the class kit fee soon!  If you are interested in this kit, please send me an email to  The kits will include everything you need to make this project, with the exception of the paint, punches for flowers, and flower shaping tools.  Paper, Tin Box, Hardware, Ribbon, Lace, & Metal Embellishments will be included.  Just know that it will be at least 6 to 8 hours to complete the entire project, so there will be several classes scheduled to complete the entire project.

If interested in taking this class, please email me at

Flower Class

I will be scheduling a UStream Flower Class for those of you interested in learning how to make my flowers.  There will be a fee for the class and if you are interested in taking the class, please send me an email to

I will put together kits with what you need to make the flowers. 
The cost of the class is $39.95, which will include the tool to shape the flower.  I will punch out the flowers and leaves, because those are way too pricey for me to purchase and to keep the cost down its easier if I just punch those out for you.  However, I will tell you what punches, dies, and cricut cartridges I use for those of you that would like to purchase them separately.
We will work on a similar flower to this:

Or we can have a kit where I only include the punch out flowers & leaves, feathers, & stamen for $25.00.  However you will need to purchase the tools to shape the flowers and leaves separately.
If you are interested in learning, please send me an email.  I will need to know prior to scheduling the class and ordering the supplies. 

I'm really sorry that I have to start charging for some of these projects, but I have to offset my cost off supplies and time. 

Mystery Tin Album Part 3

Here it is ladies the final touches to the Mystery Tin & Album Project. 

I am totally loving this project, because I took something that looked new and made it look OLD!  I don't particularly like looking OLD myself if you know what I mean, but I like to make things appear to be OLD. 

So, here is what we started out with:


AND here is what we ended with:


Here's the final finishing touches to the album:

I used the Stampin Up Tab Punch to make the tabs for the cards that go in the pockets. 
To make the flowers I used Tim Holtz Tattered Flowers Die.   The paper is of course DCWV Tradewinds.  I love this stack.  There is so much you can do with this stack, the sky is the limit and you can't go wrong with DCWV.

So, there it is, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have making it.  I can tell you this much I really burned my fingertips with this project, but it was ALL worth it!

I was hoping my order would have gotten here by now, but the mailman failed me, so I couldn't begin on my next upcoming project :(!  It's all good just as soon as it gets here, guess what I will be doing.....CREATING!!!!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Upcoming Altered Dusty OLD Books Project

Hey Ladies, I will be going out of town for some much needed small family vacation, but just to let you know I will be thinking of creative things, while I'm gone.  Maybe my fingers will finally get a break from the hot glue gun, ink, and the blisters, LOL!  Before I take off,  I want to share my upcoming project.  Just think old smelly books and BoBunny Timepiece Collection.  I won't have pictures up until I have completely finished the Mystery Tin and Recipe Box.  I have to finish those two projects, but I will let you in on what I will be using for the upcoming project.

Also, don't forget to signup to follow my blog.  I will be giving away a FREE gift to some lucky winner.! 

Friday, July 1, 2011

Mystery Tin Album Part 2

Can you say A "MAIIIIII" Zing!!!! My hubby came up with this when I showed him the Mystery Tin Album Part 2.  I worked extremely long hours on putting this album together, because I wanted a WOW factor and a bit of A "Mai" Zing touch to it.  I didn't sleep very well, because I had the idea come to me while I was in bed, so I had to get up and put it to work, but let's say it's A "MAI" ZING!!!!!

I still have a Part 3 to this, sorry, but a paper addicts work is never done, and I wanted to add some finishing touches to this album.  So, be sure to check it out! 

I will be displaying my finished pieces at our local Community Fine Arts Center in Rock Springs, Wyoming.  After the show I will sell them on Etsy.  Anyway, enough of my jabbering, I'm sure you don't want to hear all that, but see what I did, so here it is ladies.............drum roll PLEASE!

Can you see A "MAI" Zing, lol!
So, there you have it the Mystery Tin Album, it's A "MAI" Zing what you can do with paper, glue, and embellishments. 

Also, just so you know I have been challenged to make something out of OLD DUSTY BOOKS, so, that is what I will be working on in the next few weeks.  I guess I will have to BRING ON the MONSTER drinks.