Friday, June 24, 2011

Colorful than LIFE Reading Journal

Life can definitely inspire us with many colors.  Sometimes when we least expect it we are feeling blue, but then there are the times that we are full of bright and beautiful colors, almost like the kind you see in the tropical island "Carribean" colors.  I look at life with a scope of lovely beautiful tropical colors, because LIFE is way to short to look at things with the blue scope.  So, to celebrate life I created this wonderful Colorful than Life Reading Journal. 
A co-worker (Carla Ceballo) ordered a reading journal that was full of vibrant colors, but she wanted to incorporate some vintage cards that belonged to her grandmother, Mrs. Joyce Wilson.  I fell in love with the vintage pieces and new immediately that I wanted to use the DCWV Colorful Life Paper Series for her Reading Journal.  If you are like me you love things that are vintage and has a story behind them, and Carla shared with me the fact that these were momentos that her grandmother and her great-grandmother (Margaret Kenegy) shared with each other throughout the years. 
Here's what she gave me:

Aren't these just amazingly beautiful!  Now all these pieces were embossed, which gave it a more unique look to them.  So, what I did was to incorporate a few of these in her Colorful than Life Reading Journal.

Here is what I came up with, something that can be done with a simple composition notebook and a Zutter Bind-it-all machine. 

The Reading Journal's are $30(Pre-made) and I'm taking orders.  They come with a bookmaker, inside pockets and tabs, Ribbon Notebook Marker, and Wallet Portfolio (paper).  All you need to be an inspired creative writer! 
Thank you Carla for sharing your grandmother's beautiful vintage postcards.
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  1. awww thank you Cindy, your compliments are just way too nice! I made this one for Carla she ordered it and brought in the vintage cards this week to me, so I thought I should put them to good use.

  2. Of course the library staff gets a discount on the journals.