Sunday, January 30, 2011

Big Shot Lovers ALL-in-1 Bag DEAL!!!!!

If you have had your eyes set on getting the Big Shot, now is the time to get one! As many of you already know the most amazing time of year for Stampin Up has arrive, YUP you heard right its Sale-a-Bration (SAB) TIME!!!!! So, what does that mean for those of you that really want and must have the Big Shot, well it means just this: During the Sale-a-Bration you will get a BANG 4 YOUR BUCKS!!!! Now what Scrap n Pretty Gal wouldn’t want that deal!!!! So, if you are like me you want to know what exactly that means, so here it is:
There are two options for those who want the amazing Big Shot sooo soooo BAD! Option 1. If you order the Big Shot from yours only during Sale-a-Bration it's almost a $100 order. So, now this is the part that you will LOVE the most! Not only do you get the Big Shot, but you will also get to choice two things from the Sale-a-Bration mini catalog! Now that’s an additional $30 of FREE Stampin Up products, but the Fun doesn’t end there! By simply placing your order you will also get a FREE class from me valued at $20, which gives you a total of $50 of FREE stuff!! Now who doesn’t like FREE!!!?????? Wow - NOW that's getting a BANG 4 YOUR BUCKS!!!!!! Option 2. Is what what I like to call the Big Shot Lovers ALL in-1- BAG DEAL!!! So, what is the ALL-in-1 BAG DEAL, well during the Sale-a-Bration , I will let the Big Shot Lovers the opportunity to order their very own by making three payments during January, February, and March. So, is that a DEAL of a Bag or what????? So for ONLY $55 each month you will get over $250 in products! So, you can take your SAVINGS to your BANK!!!!Check out my Scrap n Pretty flyer below for the Big Shot Lovers ALL in-1-BAG DEAL! For everyone who orders a Big Shot from me, they'll get a FREE Big Shot Class in April. If you are one of my LONG Distance Scrap n Pretty Gals, DON’T worry, you can also participate in this Big Shot DEAL too! I will simply mail you your kit (die-cuts and supplies) along with the directions. I will email you pictures of the project, so you can also enjoy that FUN filled day, but from the comfort of your lovely home! So, Don’t Hestitate on this opportunity and Contact me at and I will send you the flyer along with all the information you need to get started.

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